Welcome to Hawaii Society of Professional Engineers


The Hawaii Society of Professional Engineers (HSPE) welcomes you to our website. HSPE was incorporated and approved in June 1961.

Our state society is comprised of four chapters: Honolulu Chapter, Big Island Chapter, Kona-Kohala Chapter, and Maui Chapter.

HSPE's purpose is to:

  • To advance public welfare.
  • To unite all professional engineers of the State in one organization.
  • To advance the professional, the social, and the economic interests of the professional engineer.
  • To advance and protect the interests of the engineer-in-training.
  • To promote high standards of engineering education.
  • To consider legislation affecting the profession.
  • To improve public relations and to cultivate public appreciation of the work of the professional engineer.
  • To develop civic consciousness of the members of the engineering profession.
  • To establish and maintain high ethical engineering standards and practices.


There is NO other society that works for the individual licensed engineer like NSPE does. This is our strength, our legacy and what every engineer needs to know.
—Rick Guerra P.E., F.NSPE

I joined as a student member - joined a couple committees at the state level in Minnesota and got to know a lot of people that way and realized this was a community of professionals I wanted to be a part of, and wanted to make part of my career.
—Kodi Verhalen, P.E., Esq., F.NSPE, NSPE President 2016–17